Document Collection - Compliance Software Tracking

This release was developed to ensure that you can meet the obligations introduced as part of the more stringent regulatory regime including but not limited to the Building Safety Act.

  1. The Regulatory Reform Order – Fire Safety
    The main challenges from these changes lie with the duties around the information that must be captured by competent persons, kept up-to-date, and then made available to the appropriate people in the required format and at the right time.
  2. Gateways
    The Gateways introduce stop/go points during the planning, design, contracting and occupation of relevant high-rise residential buildings. Each stage requires different applications, documents, and evidence to be approved before the next stage commences. The Building Safety Regulator will have robust enforcement tools where a breach has occurred.
  3. A Golden Thread of Information
    It will be the duty of the people responsible for a building to put in place and maintain a digital Golden Thread of information.

Change Impact Legend

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Risk Management Suites  
Compliance Management Suites

What’s New 

  • Document Library Clean-up
    Based on customer feedback we realised that global document libraries were cluttering each customer’s library view. This clean-up will keep all library folders and requirements where you have already uploaded documents and remove the rest. This will allow you to then install one of our preconfigured document library templates.  
  • Install Document Library Templates 
    The new document library templates have been preconfigured to include lifecycle stages, folders, deliverables, and destination, deliverable and collaborating parties. Each template also contains the relevant preconfigured document collections that you will need for the various stages of each project. These comprehensive document library templates can be installed in 4 clicks. As we have already done everything for you, this is going to save you hours of work.  
  • Document Collections
    Allows you to group documents together into a collection which enables you to track, action, share and download these documents with ease. 
    • Track 
      Provides you with an on-demand compliance summary of which documents have been captured and which have yet to be uploaded.  
    • Action 
      Quickly upload missing documents directly from the collection view.   
    • Share Internally & Externally 
      Document collections can then be shared with internal and external users using a permalink. Shared collections can be set to expire after a given period or remain active indefinitely.  
    • Download 
      The summary and all the documents in the collection can be downloaded with a single click or the user can select individual documents they want to download.
  • Restful API
    Our API allows you to easily connect Risk Warden with other open software platforms and in-house apps which will streamline information transfer and eliminate double entry and human error.  


  • Enhanced Document Library Management
    Our library management has been significantly upgraded to allow easy management of all your document requirements. 
  • Enhanced Document Management 
    We have made it easier to upload documents at every level and enhanced the document search facility. 
  • Reassessment Archive Location 
    We have enhanced the reassessment archive location selection to fall in line with the latest document library enhancements. 
  • Enhanced Assessment PDF Branding
    Assessment downloads now contain the following: 
    • Borderless front-page design & layout
    • Page footer information which includes the page number, URPN, property, assessable area name
  • Enhanced Compliance Governance
    The new Document Collection scope has been added to allow you to manage your document collectionsas you need. The document search and selection has also been enhanced to fall in line with the new document library enhancements. 
  • Security Enhancements
    Increased security measures have been put in place which were flagged up during our latest Penetration Test which was carried out on our application and API by Certified Security Experts. Noteworthy measures which may affect how you work with the platform: 
    • User will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Latest Technology 
    Our platform was upgraded to utilise the latest versions of our coding languages to enable us to continue to innovate and provide you with the very best solution possible. 
  • Performance Enhancements 
    You should notice a big performance increase, as a lot of work went into enhancing the performance of the document, assessment and collaborating data modules


  • Under Documents, you can now search for all documents relating to an asset by using the asset reference number 
  • When updating an assessable areas container property, it will automatically update all connected assets to the same
  • Prevent task reminders from being sent multiple times
  • Fixed the issue which prevented Risk Type Summary report from applying additional filters
  • Fixed the issue which caused an error when the Note column under the Activity Link dataset
  • Fixed the task invitee options to allow cross company/contractor task sharing
  • Fixed issues cross company information displaying in reports
  • Fixed an issue that caused an issue when removing header/footer summaries from a risk assessment
  • Added the ability for compliance area scopes to be filtered by the dropdown values
  • Fixed the issue which was caused by submitting an empty document scope
  • When a filter is saved, it no longer redirects to the report view which removed the report’s actions for each record
  • Fixed rich text editors not displaying and link feature not working
  • Various other minor bug fixes