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We understand the many pain points involved in today’s Compliance Management environment, especially when choosing a Compliance Management platform. With data management often spread across multiple IT systems, whether proprietary or vendor-supplied, there are limitations to what you can do, the time it takes, and the information you can access and manipulate; hence colouring outside the lines can be problematic.

So, what do you do when you can’t track and report on the things you most want to track and report on?

You may say that change is costly, but to a fast-growing business and in light of evolving regulation, we say that change is smart and absolutely necessary! The idea of switching your software and migrating your current data along with the associated user training makes for hard sums.

However, change is vital for many businesses to maintain compliance whilst embracing both business and regulatory change. The most important factor (and indeed why we do this) is the health and safety of the individuals who may be directly affected by any slippage in standards.

The most extreme case in recent history would be the Grenfell disaster and the knock-on effects still playing out. The enforcing authorities, backed by the courts, are clamping down on legal infractions, imposing costly penalties and fines to organisations and those individuals responsible, where standards have slipped, and people’s lives have been or continue to be put at risk.

Single Source of Truth

Security and reliability are clearly vital factors when choosing a digital Risk and Compliance Management platform, and here Risk Warden delivers best-in-class technology. With constantly expanding data histories, your organisation has no cause for concern; running on market-leading AWS cloud technology means nothing gets lost, your data is available on-demand 24/7, and all changes are identified and logged in an immutable digital audit trail.

Risk Warden is an all-in-one digital Risk and Compliance Management platform, which works out of the box, yet is fully customisable and can be easily integrated with other data systems via APIs. This cloud-native solution offers multiple efficiencies and time-saving features, including an off-line mobile App for fast and efficient on-site Assessment data input.

Compliance Management Platform

Live dashboards and reports allow you to track every aspect of your compliance portfolio, for example, tracking all aspects of your compliance governance through to completion, monitoring your overall compliance position.

Risk Warden can be accessed from any computer anywhere globally, thanks to its Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud technology architecture. The Risk Warden platform has been designed by risk and compliance domain experts, clearly evidenced through its comprehensive and highly customisable approach to Compliance Management. With excellent in-App training and user guidance, the platform provides interactive support at every stage of the user adoption journey.

Risk Warden can help you streamline your compliance management process and provide real-time views of your compliance status, including a comprehensive gap analysis on demand. It centralises your compliance-related documentation evidence and links this to its corresponding Tasks, Compliance Areas and Estate components (assets, assessable areas, properties, etc.) so that it can be easily accessed when determining compliance status across your entire estate.

Assessments can be digitally created and updated quickly and easily across all risk types. Easily convert your Assessment Actions into actionable tasks, enabling you to manage, track and control your risk and compliance status with ease via real-time, digital dashboards. Risk Warden’s secure cloud platform automates your digital compliance management lifecycle, simplifying the administration of your forward planning, hence putting you firmly in control. The result is that you are audit ready 24/7!

Is it possible to save time without compromising on quality whilst maintaining compliance levels? Find out how.


Risk Warden saves you time and enables you to effortlessly maintain compliance accuracy and be audit-ready across your entire estate. It makes the process of Compliance Management faster and easier than ever
before, allowing you to pinpoint red flags and bottlenecks proactively ahead of time.

But don’t just take our word for it; why not see first-hand how Risk Warden can transform your Risk and Compliance Management. See how the platform can improve your Compliance processes, optimise data consistency, and unlock the power of real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting.

Experience how Risk Warden is helping organisations like yours operate more efficiently and remain at the forefront of the UK’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Request your 1:1 demo with a member of our sales team or simply signup today to get immediate hands-on access to the platform and your own free Risk Warden account.